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Studies in Religion and the Enlightenment (SRE) — ISSN: 2661-3336 — is the online continuation of the print journal Religion in the Age of Enlightenment (formerly of AMS Press). SRE is published by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with the Brigham Young University Faculty Publishing Service as editorial partner. Committed to furthering the study of the complexity of religious thought and practice during the eighteenth century, SRE welcomes articles and book reviews that address religion and its influence on any of the following: literature, philosophy, gender, sexuality, trade, science, ecology, politics, economics, or education (list not exhaustive). Global perspectives on religion in the eighteenth century are welcome. Please direct questions and editorial correspondence to Dr. Samara Cahill at [samara.cahill57@gmail.com] or [spi@ntu.edu.sg]


Studies in Religion and the Enlightenment (SRE) is a peer-reviewed open access journal. This journal is published twice a year. All articles are immediately freely available to everyone for reading, printing, downloading and sharing under the following user licence:

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